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Name: Algophase
Asa ID: 514021542
Symbol: APH
Network: Algorand


The first Algorand Metaverse asset with Meta-integration at it’s forefront mission combining a state of the art solution for a DEX, DAO, NFT Bridge and an unsurpassed database of analytical tools for all of your Algorand ecosystem “pulse” needs.


We aim at the merging of CEX features Into the DEFi space to produce the most advanced and unique DEX. One problem that we are solving is addressing the removal of impermanent loss from DEX LP providers.


We are also going to provide an optional avoidance of gas fee feature to further maximize profit with in the Algorand DEFI ecosystem.


Additionally, we are giving our community an advantage by providing the unique ability to connect to other metaverse ecosystems.


Algophase will help gamers, digital artist, and investors take FULL advantage of the DeFi and Web3.0 era we are encroaching.


We express our sincere gratitude towards all those who believed in us, we wouldn’t let you down. We’ll try our best and work things out. Welcome to algophase, thanks for the launch.


Below are preview images of what we plan to achieve, our analytical tool and the ADPT platform.  A show of what looking forward to and working towards.


Click the button below to read and know more about how the project works in regards to our products and solutions.


The minimum presale commitment is 2Aph which is equivalent to 10 algo. Hardcap is 750k Algorand. Presale aph would be distributed by 20% monthly till it’s exhausted and the distribution would be from the month of March.


We have decided to build a tokenomic model to reduce panic-sellers hence the small total supply of the token.


Through the tokenomics and distribution we will achieve our goals and create a prosperous environment for loyal and supportive investors in our ecosystem.


We are working on a solution to the impermanent loss that is regards to staking on other DEX, hence the removal of  impermanent loss which discourage investors from the concept of staking on DEX, and working out creatively and strategically to create a true Decentralized exchange with CEX Trading futures, margin trading ,options E.T.C ,which is common with most DEX/swaps. And we wish to get this done within the the year so we won’t stop working.


View our roadmap below, From the genesis to the final quarter of work.


Most frequent questions and answers

By employing orderbooks instead of AMM on blockchains with low Gas fees, such as algorand, a low transaction charge would be taken any time participants (traders) change orders because a new smart contract would have to be formed due to the immutability of smart contracts.

The presale would commence on 31st January at 10:00am UTC .

On the 31st of January 2022, the pre-sale would be fully subscribed — In general, every wallet that transfers between 10 and 50,000 Algos to the presale wallet, but not after funds hit 750,000 ALGO, is considered part of the presale. These funds must be received before the end of the presale period. The presale begins on January 31, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. UTC and closes on February 10, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. UTC.

Any funds received after the presale period has ended or the 750,000 ALGO maximum has been reached are not included in the presale. Similarly, any funds received that are less than 10ALGO or greater than 50,000 ALGO are not included in the presale.

30% of $APH tokens will be available for presale and will be distributed to our early investors. The presale will be capped at 750,000 ALGO.

The total suply is 500,000. As much as we wouldn’t want to deal with panic-sellers and dumpers hence the supply so we can sustain the project as look as we should.

The received ALGO funds will be matched with $APH and used to fill the APH/ALGO liquidity pools.


At the moment we’re partners with just one project so far, the team would be glad to receive your proposals if you’ll want to be partners with us as we all grow together. You can send a message via email.


A decentralized charity meme token with 10billion supply focus on NFTs



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