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The About

We believe that the price action of a decentralized project should not be fixed to the developers. By market sentiment, we mean the token price is affected by the developers and any negative or positive news about them.


This is definitely the case for all of these decentralized 
coins and tokens; if the creators of Ethereum have a court dispute with the SEC, the price of ETH will be affected; 
similarly, if the founders of XRP have a court case with the 
SEC, the price of XRP will be affected.


And this is what the bitcoin founders realized, which is why they chose to remain anonymous. This is why you can’t 
regulate bitcoin or file a lawsuit against it because the 
founders are anonymous. This is what we’re attempting to do, but in a different way.


That is why, after extensive investigation, we decided on algorand blockchain. Your information was covertly maintained with the algorand firm, and this was done when you filled out their web form for developers. The crypto market will face strict rules, and currencies with well-known developers will be severely impacted.


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